Solar Energy Systems

Are you ready to access the incredible opportunities represented by solar energy?

If you haven’t seriously considered it before, now is the perfect time to get on board.

Yes, solar energy requires an upfront investment—but this is one that’s guaranteed to pay off.

Step into the future and be more sustainable while simultaneously enjoying serious savings.

With Garber Electric, you can enjoy the smooth installation of the right system for you. Garber will also assist with third party ownership and financing to help you feel more confident with your decision.

We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

What is Solar Energy and Should You Invest in It?

Invest in solar energy because:

The way solar technology works is to convert sunlight into electrical energy. This is achieved through PV panels: when the sun shines onto them, the energy is absorbed by their cells.

The result is the creation of electrical charges which cause electricity to flow. Electricity generated by solar power can also be stored in batteries.

Do you like the idea of generating your own electricity?

Given the unpredictable rises that many of us have experienced in our energy bills, the prospect of reclaiming control holds more appeal than ever.

When you use solar energy, this reduces the strain placed on the electric grid. In this way, you exempt yourself from any interruptions that the grid may suffer if you choose to use the benefits of battery storage.

Because you’re performing important work for everyone by generating your own sustainable energy, you’ll find that you’re often rewarded by state environmental initiatives.

Garber’s Solar Services: What You Need to Know

Garber Electric builds, installs, and maintains solar energy systems across Greater Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas.

We are experts in commercial, residential, and agricultural installations, and we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that each context presents.

Don’t worry if you’re new to the world of sustainable energy. We take care of every step of the process.

Our support includes…


A comprehensive consultation.

Our first step is to listen to your goals and clarify the best system to suit your needs and budget. You will be guided throughout this process by our experienced experts, so there’s no need to become an energy expert overnight.


Financial analysis of different systems

We provide projected returns on investment for each system to inform your decision. We also provide options for third party ownership and financing to make the most out of capital expenditures for your organization. We appreciate that committing to a solar energy system often has economic motivations, and we ensure you choose the right system to maximize potential benefits.


Engineering, procurement,
and construction

This applies whether your chosen system is roof mount, carport, or ground mount. We handle all kinds of solar energy systems, so you’ll be able to access a wide range of choices when you work with Garber Electric.


Support with operation and
maintenance post-installation

with baseline IV Curve Tracing

We don’t simply set up your system and forget all about it. Instead, we’re thinking of the long-term, helping you keep your system running smoothly so you avoid unnecessary issues and continue to enjoy every advantage from your solar energy source.

Why Choose Garber for Solar Energy Services?

When other companies in Greater Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus offer solar energy support, you might wonder why so many people choose Garber Electric. Our excellent reputation means that many new customers arrive through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Customers love that we offer a full 1 year warranty on labor, materials, and tech support for all new installations. This gives them peace of mind that their investment in a solar energy system is protected.

We work only with the best materials, offering Bloomberg Tier 1 PV modules with a 25year manufacturer warranty. There’s always a worry when buying from small manufacturers that they may not stick around long enough to honor warranties. This isn’t the case with Bloomberg!

Garber Electric is known for quality and professionalism. We take safety seriously, and we provide long term customer service so people who work with us are completely supported.

Are you ready to find out what switching to solar could do for you?

The specialists at Garber Electric would love to hear from you.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation, and don’t miss out on the opportunities that other people are already enjoying thanks to solar energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Besides the savings you’ll make in energy costs, you can also benefit from a 26% Income tax credit until the end of 2022 if you invest in a solar energy system. Solar energy will only become more of a policy priority in years to come.

At the consultation stage, we’ll be able to quote for a suitable system. The cost of solar largely depends on how much electricity is consumed. To design your system properly, we’ll require a year of electricity bills to fully understand your consumption habits.

Yes, in most cases. Snow still allows light to pass through, after all, and it tends to melt faster on PV panels. Panels mounted at an angle allow snow to simply slide off them.

they have warranties to that effect. This is why Garber Electric only works with the highest quality of materials provided by the most reputable manufacturers.

Batteries can provide limited backup power, but are not usually required for a solar energy system. This and other system considerations can be discussed in depth at the consultation stage.

Contact Garber Electric now to get started with solar energy. We have the right system waiting for you.