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At Garber, it’s about teamwork, and knowing that each professional in our team makes us what we are today!

executive management Team

Brett R. Garber

President / Owner

Terry L. Cool

General Manager

Bart L. Hoblit

Executive Manager

Jeff L. King

Executive Manager


Ryan N. Gotthardt

Lead Construction Sales

Mark A. Beair

Construction Sales

Eric B. Eley

Electrical Estimator

Duane L. Bower

Electrical Estimator

Ryan M. Tyree

Electrical Estimator

Mark Penny

Lead Service Solutions Specialist

Paul E. Johnson

Service Solutions Specialist

Kenny J. Knight

Service Solutions Specialist

Phil F. Perretta

Service Solutions Specialist

Dan Stefanoff

Service Solutions Specialist

Kevin S. Weaver

Service Solutions Specialist

Chad E. Yount

Generator Specialist


Dean A. Balsbaugh

Lead Const. PM

Scott Davison


Tom A. Wicker

Service PM

Rob L. Caldwell

Employee Training & Development Fleet Management

Connect Englewood

Branton J. Hoblit

Sales / Operations

John K. Flory

Telecom Service Manager

Justin L. Flory

Lead Project Manager

Melodie L. Yarrow

Service Manager

Aaron J. Flatter

Business Development

Nick J. Eckstein

Phone Sales

Mark A. Flora

Lead Estimator

Jim W. Yarrow

Designing / Engineering

Columbus Electrical Service

Mark E. Snyder

Columbus Electrical Service Manager

Connect Columbus

Dan J. Schleter

Columbus Connect Branch Manager

Mike T. Ryan

Director of Sales

Dewayne D. Aaron

Project Manager


Shaun King

HR Manager

Melissa Caldwell

Dayton Office Manager

April Stoner

Billing Manager

Janet Lecklider

Payables Manager

dayton office

columbus office



Garber Dayton Location

Garber Columbus Location

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