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Garber Electrical Contractors can provide your company a single source solution to all your electrical supply and service as well as your information technology needs. Following are some comments from satisfied customers. We extend our sincere “thank you” to each for allowing us to serve them. We appreciate their business and look forward to a long-term relationship with you as well.

Garber Electric was founded in 1975 by request of neighbors and friends needing electrical work. Gary Garber learned the trade at Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) and began wiring for friends and neighbors while attending school. This beginning, based on a Christian work ethic, education, and hands-on experience provided the ingredients for a customer-focused business. Garber steadily grew in size through this good old-fashioned business model of putting the customer’s needs first combined with several mergers and acquisitions of other firms. Today, Garber is recognized as a leading company for building electrical and information technology design, service, and installations.


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the crew of Chad and Antione(SP?) were very professional and communicated well throughout the service.

Not sure if they knew who I was or not, I told them after they were done and we chatted a bit; both seem to really appreciate and enjoy working there.

On behalf of the University of Dayton, we would like to take this opportunity to commend your company for an outstanding job on the projects that you recently were involved with, i.e. Roesch Library & Rike Center.

We appreciate your professionalism and timeliness of the work performed. Your company was ahead of schedule on the jobs and very easy to work with. The on-site workers were also friendly & professional as they worked with other skilled trades.

We would like to thank you also for applying for all the applicable DP&L rebates that saved the University of Dayton money in the end by retrofitting all of the lighting on all six floors of Roesch Library, and the installation of new light fixtures in the Rike Center.

Thank you again for the outstanding job, and we look forward to working with your company in the future.

This has been a very stressful and exhausting project, with the help of your crew they have put a lot of our problems at ease and I hope these words fall on the right eye's because your crew deserves recognition.

My first contact with the company was with James on an emergency call to our campground to supply power to our well via generator, his great demeanor and jokes made us smile and he got us up and running in a few hours.

We then got to meet Rob Henderson to assess the damage of the utilities and begin the process of rebuilding bigger & better. Rob is an extremely professional individual, he helped us understand what we were looking at and break down what we would need to do in the short term to get us up and running temporarily and where to begin in rebuilding the service. He helped us with legal questions along with many electrical ignorant questions on our end. He is the reason that we were able to trust in Garber to take on this job. He is a great asset to your team and we would love to continue business with him anytime.

Soon after I met Patrick, he is a smart individual who is not afraid to do the work. He was very efficient in answering our needs and concerns while also ensuring the contractors were performing the best for the customer (us). While also monitoring the day to day crew making sure they were getting things done. He is very funny and we enjoyed working and talking with him. He is another great asset to Garber.

Then came the service crew with crew leader Luke Cameron and his crew: Beau, Ethan, Riley, David, Cole, Antoine, and many more names that I can't remember. Forgive me this has been a long project.

Luke tackled this project head on with intelligence, even though this project would make any electrical engineer scratch their head. He helped me understand a lot of aspects of electrical services that I did not understand. I have worked closely with him over the last 6 months, he made sure everything was completed to high standards while having to redo some others work sometimes to maintain those standards. He used his knowledge to train the young men that frequented the project and handled them very well and held them accountable for their work while still allowing them to learn, he was a great foreman for them. He went above and beyond many times while even helping our customers in season who would approach him as if he worked for KOA. I even thought about making him wear a yellow shirt a few times. Through the entirety of this stressful project, he kept a down to earth demeanor and a great attitude while continuing to get things accomplished. From wiring generators, tracing lines, temporary service install , new service install, rewiring and tracing a cobbled together building from the 70s, to rewiring half of our campground. A very broad scope of work that would put anyone's brain to the test. Which he handled professionally. Luke has exceeded all of our expectations on this project. He is a great person and will only benefit this company from what I could see. I would do business with him any day.

Along with him was Beau who kept up with him throughout this project also exceeding our expectations. Beau is genuinely a great person, making us laugh and enjoying himself while getting things accomplished day in and day out.

All of the young men and crew that came to this project were all very respectful and professional. They represented Garber Electric well.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this service and we look forward to continuing this relationship.

Garber Electrical Contractors played a pivotal role in the successful completion of the Electrical, Data & AV systems for the Performing Arts Center. Their attention to detail, workmanship, and adherence to industry standards is commendable. Throughout the project, they collaborated seamlessly with other subcontractors, designers, and the Owner, ensuring smooth coordination and timely execution. Safety was a top priority for Garber Electrical Contractors. They consistently followed safety protocols, minimizing risks and maintaining a secure work environment. The electrical work carried out by Garber significantly enhanced the functionality and aesthetics of the Roger Glass Performing Arts Center. Their innovative solutions and problem-solving abilities contributed to the overall success of the project. I wholeheartedly recommend Garber Electrical Contractors for any electrical construction project. Their professionalism, technical proficiency, quality of work, and commitment to excellence make them an asset to any team.

Thanks for your company’s support in providing services for Ginghamsburg Church with our recent projects. Hopefully, we can maintain the current relationship with your support and the various professional employees that represent Garber Electrical Contractors. They have been most accommodating in servicing our needs. A special thanks to you as well in getting us the services so promptly and scheduling them with urgency. We appreciate the services provided by Garber Electrical Contractors this past year.

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Garber Connect. Over the last several years, I have been responsible for managing multiple improvement and expansion projects at our location in Dayton, OH. During this time, we have used Garber Connect for new phone system installation, phone system expansion/upgrades, voice/data cabling, and electrical work.

My expectations have consistently been met or exceeded with all of the work Garber Connect has completed for Cintas. They have been professional, easy to deal with, and very flexible with concern to scheduling meetings and job completion. Much of the work we have had completed could not be done during normal business hours, and they have always delivered on this requirement. In addition, they have always responded quickly and with urgency to all of our questions/concerns. I would highly recommend Garber Connect for any of the services mentioned above.

I just wanted to let you know that our power was off for 31 straight hours this week in the extreme heat. The temperature was in the high 90s during the day and only down in the mid-70s at night. The humidity was awful, but the Kohler Generator purred like a little kitten and never missed a beat !! We stayed cool and never lost any food in the refrigerator or freezer! Getting the GENERATOR was the BEST PURCHASE I EVER MADE!! Thank you Garber Electric for talking me into this purchase!!!

The guys did a great job. Everything looks great. It is nice [in] this day and age to have someone do what they say they are going to do. Thank you for taking care of this on such a short notice.

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation of the Garber Electric and Garber Connect teams that have worked at our office. They have been a critical component all they through and have supported us in everyway possible with a smile. It is appreciated and has been a true pleasure, especially considering we were making changes most of the time. Dan and Justin have done a great job for us, both on top of their game. Garrett and Josh have also done great. Their teams have put together some of the best electrical craftsmanship I have seen in my career. In addition, their workspaces are orderly and cleaned up upon completion of task. Great job by the entire Garber Team! Thank you for your continued partnership with Ferguson!

Good morning Mark, I just want to send a quick email thanking you again for your help in getting the ball rolling on our Fiber line issue. Dillion was on it, they came out yesterday, looked it over, contacted the company you guys use for splicing and I had 2 quotes scenario's 1 and 2 by the end of the day. He also has the company set up to come and perform whichever one we need to do, Friday the 22nd. Kudos to him and Garber Electric / Garber Connect, what's more is I was not surprised. One thing is for sure in my experience anyway, when you are dealing with Garber Electric/Connect you can expect excellent performance, Integrity, and honesty.

Reference, DeWitt 26KW Generator Installation at 7618 E Von Dette Cir, Centerville, OH 45459 January 2024.

We wanted to acknowledge the professionalism of your team on this project. From the project Lead Jim Miller, Brandon Bruce leading the actual install team and Zach installing our OnCue apps. Everything was completed from utility contacts, inspections, install and clean up by your fantastic team. They completed all tasks without needing to rely on us for anything beyond our signing the contract with you.

We complement them because it is difficult to actually find a company that employs this caliber of personnel. As Mr. Miller stated to us, their goal is to leave the job in a better condition than they found it and they did.

Thank You,

Garber Electric's expertise has played a pivotal role in successfully completing crucial electrical installations within the Roger Glass Center for the Arts. Your team's dedication, professionalism, and commitment to quality were evident throughout the project. Garber Electric's contributions have significantly contributed to creating a safe, efficient, and technologically advanced environment within the Roger Glass Center for the Arts. The completed facility will enrich the experiences of our students, faculty, and community members who utilize this facility for many years to come. Your company's willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate our needs and adhere to stringent quality standards has not gone unnoticed. The University of Dayton values the collaborative relationship we have developed with Garber Electric and looks forward to the possibility of future opportunities to work together. Once again, thank you for your outstanding support and partnership. Your efforts have made a meaningful difference and have helped toward our goal of reinforcing the arts at the University of Dayton.