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As today’s technology environment is changing at a rapid pace, communication infrastructure speed and stability are even more important than ever. Garber Connect is ready to help you stay on top of the game by installing and maintaining a fiber optic backbone for your data network. Fiber optic cabling comes in a variety of types and sizes (often referred to as single-mode or multi-mode). Our staff is always available to visit your site and design the correct system to accommodate your needs.

What are Fiber Optics?

Fiber Optic Cable is used to transmit signals over your data network using light technology. Network components will take your network traffic, modulate them into light waves, and send them across the the multiple strands of glass not much larger than a human hair. These small light conduits are bundled together and can send your traffic back and forth over a much larger bandwidth path.

Fiber Optic cable is usually categorized into two different types:

Multimode: Meaning the fiber has a larger core and can send multiple signals over the same path. This type of Fiber Optic cable is commonly used in facilities between IT closets and IDFs.

Single mode: This type of Fiber Optic cable has a smaller core which only allows for one light signal per path. However, the signal going across single mode fiber will travel farther, faster. Single mode Fiber is usually used between buildings or to transfer network traffic across town.

Unlike copper Network Cabling, Fiber Optic cable is immune to cross-talk and noise from electrical sources and other network cabling. Because of this, it is a more stable infrastructure, especially for long distances. Fiber Optic cabling is also much thinner than copper network cabling.