benefits of automated security

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MONITOR GUESTS AND VENDORS ENTERING YOUR BUILDING. With a video intercom system, you can easily observe who is gaining access to your premises. This can be particularly beneficial for a receptionist who is often found alone in the lobby of the building.

REGULATE ACCESS OF YOUR CRITICAL SPACES. With flexible programming options, you can manage several levels of permissions and control which employees have access to particular areas. The IP-based system will also compile a log of access granted and denied.

REDUCE THEFT AND DAMAGE TO YOUR FACILITY. Installing IP surveillance cameras diminishes the losses incurred by your company. Many businesses use a camera system to evaluate manufacturing processes or to monitor employee productivity.

SECURE YOUR PREMISES AND PARKING AREAS. Requiring credentials ensure you are in control of who enters your facility. Digital credentials guarantee keys will not be handed out or copied without permission. Frequent vendors can even be given their own set of credentials.

MANAGE YOUR SAFETY FROM YOUR COMPUTER. An IP-based security system allows you to supervise your entire facility from one central location – your desk. Doors can be unlocked on an automatic schedule, personnel credentials can be modified, and you can rest easy knowing your enterprise is safe and secure.

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