Miller Adams

Is now part of Garber Electric


Garber & Miller Adams Officially Merge!

All of us at Garber Electric are very excited to welcome the Miller Adams Electric team and clients to our family, and we’re very excited to see what our future holds going into 2020 and beyond with such a well-respected electrical entity now on board with us!


We know that you’re well acquainted with who we are as a company, so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Miller Adams Electric and further explain why we are beyond thrilled to have such a great team join ours.


Miller Adams Electric was originally called Adams Electric, which was founded all the way back in 1948! Back then the electrical industry was very different, and Adams Electric continued to be an innovative leader decade after decade throughout the Dayton Metro Area.


Ron Miller, whose now considered to be a legend in the Ohio electrical industry, helped form Miller Adams Electric in 1993. It was through Ron’s leadership that Miller Adams continued to thrive throughout the industry into the turn of the century, and as the company’s reputation grew so did their client base.


Today in 2020 we’re getting ready to say congratulations to Ron Miller for his impeccable career as an industry leader throughout Ohio, and Ron’s retirement is a big reason why Miller Adams began their transition that lead them to Garber Electric.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with a company as accomplished as Miller Adams Electric, and we know that our partnership is in mighty good hands with Kevin Weaver, the current president of Miller Adams Electric.


Kevin started working for Adams Electric in 1976, and he too has built up quite the legendary status in the Dayton area as one of the best electricians in the city’s history. Kevin and Ron started a partnership in 2007 under the name Oasis Electric LLC, but they kept the title of Miller Adams Electric and all the history it stands for.


“We are excited for this working relationship moving forward and will continue to provide outstanding services,” wrote Weaver in a recent letter to customers and contractors. “I’m confident you will continue to experience the same great service that you are accustomed to from Oasis Electric/Miller Adams Electric.”


This outstanding service Kevin refers to in his letter is something that we couldn’t be more excited about here at Garber Electric, and this is because we’ve considered Miller Adams as one of the quintessential class acts in the Dayton electrical industry for many years. We’re confident that this new partnership is going to bring both entities to new heights as we enter the ‘20s and the foreseeable future!


This is a very exciting time for Garber Electric and Garber Connect, and we plan to continue the high-quality service and satisfaction that Miller Adams Electric began over 70 years ago.


With the combination of both companies’ expertise and existing clientele, we predict that Garber Electric will quickly be considered one of the best electrical companies not just throughout the Dayton Metro Area, but also throughout the entire state of Ohio!


We look forward to getting to know all of Miller Adams’ past clients and contractors, and serving them, our existing customers, and the entirety of the Dayton community for many years to come!