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Maximize Sales and Customer Satisfaction with these Phone Solutions

Your phone system can sell for you!

Have you ever been 'on-hold' and listened to a professional message about the products and services that company offers? Afterward, you thought, "I never knew they did all that!" Then you wonder, "How many of my own customers don't know about all of the products or services our company offers?" Garber Connect has a solution for you!

Garber Connect can install "Message-On-Hold" that allows you to play music or messages (up to four different messages) for your customers to listen to while they are on-hold. Record your messages, select a professional voice that sounds just right for each message and they are ready to post to your phone system. It's that simple!

Let your phone system sell for you! Contact your Garber Connect Sales Representative today!

Improve your sales message or resolve questions...Here's how...

A properly equipped phone system can make a significant difference between increasing sales and losing customers. "Call Recording" will allow you to record your sales staff's calls and identify methodologies that helped close the biggest sales of the year versus those that didn't. This feature can help you make strategic changes to your sales message to maximize sales.

What about the customer that calls in and orders ten items - but later claims they only ordered five? With "Call Recording", you can review the conversation; then resolve the dispute professionally with improved customer satisfaction.

"Call Recording" is a powerful tool that can improve your sales efforts, help you resolve issues, retain customers, and save you money. Let your phone system do the work for you! Contact your Garber Connect Sales Representative today!

An inexpensive phone system with big solutions!

"Our phone system is old, outdated, and doesn't have the features we need - but we can't afford a new phone system right now." Sound familiar?

Garber Connect now offers a phone system by AT&T for small businesses with savings of up to 40% off comparable phone systems. This cordless system can be installed quickly as it requires little wiring. This easy-to-use cordless phone system provides the flexibility for your staff to move around while addressing customer needs, and is easily expandable to meet the requirements of your growing business. This inexpensive system is connectable to analog or digital dial tone and offers voicemail-to-email, group mailbox options, call queuing and a 2-year parts warranty. Get the features of a big-business phone system with a small-business price that will support your company's telecom needs for years to come.

Contact your Garber Connect Sales Representative
before December 31st,2013
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