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Garber Electric awarded for "cloud" project!

Data Yard (formerly Donet) awarded Ferguson Construction and Garber Electrical Contractors the job of renovating a floor of a building in downtown Dayton for their data storage center or servers for cloud storage. The electrical installation was an unusually challenging project to say the least — Extend 1200 amp, 480 volt electrical service from the transformer vault under the street into the basement electrical room, through the parking garage, up through the elevator shaft, and into the renovated space on the 2nd floor of a downtown hi-rise. The work included main distribution panelboards, 'UPS' uninterruptable power systems, automatic transfer switches for generators, wiring for servers in the data center, ladder rack for data cabling, lighting, general power, and fire alarm.

"Associated Builders and Contractors" recently recognized Garber Electric and Ferguson Construction with the 2013 Award of Excellence and Eagle trophy for this project! Congratulations to all our electrician and data technicians for a job well done!

David Mezera, President of Data Yard, writes, "Your team's ability to turn our vision into reality, on schedule and on budget, has helped lift my company to the next level. I don't think I could have assembled a better group of partners on this critical project for Data Yard. Thank You!"

Quality Surveillance Camera's Reduce Crime!

Most Americans will say crime does not pay however criminals disagree ... at least until they get caught! According to crime statistics from the FBI and The State of Ohio you are more likely to be robbed than to ... get audited by the IRS, die in an airplane crash, be struck by lightning, or win the Mega Million lottery jackpot! In 2010, over 91% of the crimes involved property while vehicle theft has dropped dramatically due to the increase in vehicle alarms. Criminals are turning from vehicle theft to easier unprotected 'property' targets.

In recent research by the Urban Institute, it was reported that camera surveillance was effective at cutting down crime. In addition, cameras also make it easier for police to identify criminals. The recent quick apprehension of the Boston bombers is a good example of how security cameras are effective.

A quality camera surveillance system will have these features:

  • Quality cameras — High resolutions, Able to "see" in all light conditions, even in the dark!, variable focus
  • Quality DVR recorder — Recorded images as good as the camera image, Properly programmed, Larger hard drives
  • Web based access — View your cameras from anywhere in the world
  • Mobile phone app — View cameras on your smartphone
  • 24/7 active monitoring — What good is a camera if nobody is watching?
  • Event triggers — Notify you of motion in certain specified areas

Call Jeff King at 877.771.5202 or by email at jking@garberconnect.com.
Jeff can show you a variety of cameras running at our building for 'real-world' examples.