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Have an older "IWATSU Phone System"?

Please read this "Alert"!

IWATSU has discontinued supporting the old 'ADIX' model phone system and many parts are no longer available. But, if you own one of these systems, you have options! This note explains why you need to consider an upgrade to IWATSU's Enterprise Communication System 'ECS' system.

How do I know if I have the older system?
You are receiving this notice because our records indicate you may still have one of these older systems. You will be able to tell by looking at the phone system cabinet, typically mounted near where the phone lines enter the building. The older model is in a gray metal cabinet, installed 10 years ago or more. If you have a blue plastic cabinet it is probably the newer system and does not need to be upgraded.

What are the problems?

  • The ADIX system's central processing unit 'CPU' will eventually fail and lose its programming during a power outage. Although it can be reset to a default status, the underlying problem still exists and will continue to happen. Until it is reset, the phone system will not work.
  • Many parts are no longer manufactured for the ADIX systems.
  • IWATSU will soon discontinue any type of technical support for ADIX systems.
  • ADIX systems do not interact with dial-tone delivered by 'voice over internet protocol' or 'VoIP'

What can be done and what are the benefits?
A simple solution is to upgrade to the newer, current IWATSU 'ECS' system. Think of it like refreshing your computer with the latest operating system. This will provide several benefits:

  • You may keep your present desk phones - or you may replace your phones a few at a time - or you may replace them all. Your choice!
  • Your programming and database will automatically be saved during a power outage!
  • You will be able to buy parts and software improvements!
  • Your system will now have the most current software, allowing for on-going technical support, software improvements when available, VoIP products and connections!
  • We may be able to access your system remotely, saving you money on on-site technical visits!
  • The ECS system has more features and benefits such as more options on your voice mail and unified messaging; your voice mails can be sent as an email!

IWATSU is a really great phone system, not only because it just keeps on working, but also because it is upgradeable! Please don't throw away a working system; just upgrade and get all the features of a brand new system without the high cost of replacement.

An additional Bonus for you!
If you schedule a consultation prior to March 31, 2013
Receive one FREE year on your new IWATSU ESC Agreement!