“Professional Communication Solutions” that work for you!

There are many new and exciting communication solutions from Garber Connect (formerly Bell-Haun) to help you stay connected with your staff and customers. Many of our customers only think of us as the provider of their current phone system. We offer multiple telecommunication options for small, medium and large-sized organizations. In addition, Garber Connect specializes in low voltage cabling and security (door access and CCTV) products. Below are just a few of the products we offer:

Alcatel-Lucent and AltiGen - PC-based IP phone systems for mid-size to large companies, offering users enhanced mobility, unified messaging, call reporting, and conference bridge options with hosted or standard systems. The right systems for call centers feature call center groups with customizable queuing messages, supervisor call monitoring, coaching, barge in, centralized call recording, and call center group reporting. Systems include built in voicemail and auto attendant features coupled with the windows based programming interface. Garber Connect has systems available from Alcatel-Lucent or AltiGen, both of which offer a wide range of solutions for companies looking to take their business into the 21st century.

Iwatsu – If you own an ADIX Iwatsu phone system, you made a smart choice. The solid workhorse of the phone industry for mid-sized operations, it can be upgraded to perform as if it was brand new even if it is 25 years old! Upgrade your system and take advantage of the newest technologies such as VOIP and voice mail to email forwarding. We would love the opportunity to explain more about the benefits of an upgrade.

Mitel – The Mitel 3000 phone is an affordable, feature-rich, phone system for smaller-sized companies that can be expanded as you grow. Both VOIP and standard models including voicemail, auto attendant, voice mail to email or cell phone forwarding, single line extensions, and paging notification. With the Mitel 3000’s ease of use, expandability, and available features it’s the perfect choice for companies looking to start small with capabilities to grow.

The Multitech Fax Finder - A browser based fax-to-email option that can be installed on any Altigen or Iwatsu ECS/APS system with a digital PRI dial tone. Companies can assign their staff a direct dial fax number and have all faxes to that number forward as a PDF file to an email address. Perfect for companies that have confidential faxes they don’t want sitting on a fax machine where anyone might see it before being collected.

Our “Professional Communications Solutions” Team – Business phone systems today are no longer a plug-and-play box, but serve many of your communication needs; automatically answering and routing calls, emails, faxes, and electronic communications. Our professional communications team can help you wade through the complexity, design the system for your needs, program it properly, connect it to the outside world, and we promise … it will work the way you want it to when we are completed! Our agreement plans will keep it working and upgraded for years to come. Give us a call at 877-771-5202

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