How Much Will You Really Pay In Terms Of Whole House Generator Cost?

Whole house generator cost is a lot more complicated than most homeowners would assume!

Kohler whole house generator in a home's backyard

There are plenty of homeowners out there that have been considering a whole house generator investment, but haven’t pulled the trigger just yet due to costs. But do you really know the details of whole house generator cost?

The Garber Electric team is here to help you understand the truth about whole house generator investments and how much they actually will end up costing you overall, and it’s important for homeowners to understand that prices can vary depending upon a handful of unique factors.

Below we’ll be delving deeper into these factors that influence whole house generator costs so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be spending on!

Factor #1: Wattage

One of the most important questions you’re going to need to ask yourself while shopping for a whole house generator is how much power do you need for your home’s overall electrical load?

The size of your generator unit will play a major role in determining cost, and this specifically refers to the necessary kilowatts (kW) your property will need from your generator. Whole house generator costs vary by wattage, so the more kilowatt power you need the higher your model will be priced.

We understand how it’s difficult to understand what generator size your home requires, which is why the Garber Electric specialists will help you calculate your necessary wattage for you!

Factor #2: Fuel Type

Whole house generators typically run on either natural gas or liquid propane, so it’s important to keep your fuel type in mind when it comes to purchasing costs and of course refueling needs.

Liquid propane generators tend to have a higher upfront price, but you’ll end up saving a ton of cash over long periods of time with your fuel costs. That’s why choosing between natural gas and liquid propane is sometimes pretty difficult, because both fuel types have their own unique pros and cons.

Natural gas will many times come from underground pipelines, which is an important convenience factor for countless properties. Liquid propane usually burns cleaner and the units run quieter, so a lot of people choose propane even with additional costs.

We’ll help you narrow down your best options between liquid propane and natural gas units, and our whole house generator cost calculations will keep refueling prices in mind as well.

Factor #3: Installation

You’re going to need to consider the following questions when planning your whole house generator installation:

  • Do you need to get a permit to dig a tank?
  • Exactly how far do your gas lines need to run?
  • Does your neighborhood have access to natural gas lines?

There are plenty of rural areas that don’t feature underground piping, which would make liquid propane your most economical unit choice. You’ll need to keep in mind that liquid propane generators will need an external fuel source, which is why a lot of property owners will install a propane tank underground to keep an abundant supply on them for many years to come.

It’s common for many municipalities and communities to require permits for this type of digging, and you don’t want to get caught without one!

Installation costs can vary depending upon a few factors, including how far your fuel lines need to run from your home or other safety precautions. There are also some instances in which a property may need some upgrades to their electrical system to fully support their new whole house generator, and this can add onto installation costs as well.

Factor #4: Unit Quality

Just like with any home improvement investment, you’ll likely end up paying more depending upon the brand and overall quality of your new standby generator.

Although off-brand generators may seem appealing due to lower upfront costs, you’ll need to keep the brand’s overall reputation and warranty policy in mind. Reputable brands like Kohler and Generac have great warranties on their standby generators, and they’ve proven to be the most innovative teams in the industry.

Choosing a high-quality whole house generator will likely end up helping you save in the long run, and our team will help you determine which standby generator brand is best for your unique needs and budget.

Hidden Factor: Maintenance & Service

Once you’ve purchased and installed your new whole house generator, you’re still going to need to keep certain cost considerations in mind. When you obtain a new standby generator that doesn’t come with added support, you can end up being stuck with rather costly repairs and services later on.

But that’s why it’s such a good thing that you’ve found us here at Garber Electric, because when you purchase a whole house generator through us you’ll have the full support of our industry experts that will be there for you when things go wrong!

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