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Everything you need. When you need it most.


Whole-house generators are much more powerful than traditional generators, and traditional backup generators typically aren’t capable of powering everything within a residential property simultaneously.

They utilize a significantly larger kilowatt range, which typically coincides within 10-20kW with larger available. This added amount of power goes a very long way in terms of making homeowners feel more rest assured that they won’t have to make any difficult choices in terms of what appliances they’ll be able to run during a power outage.

What truly differentiates whole-house generators from any of their counterparts is that your home will retain full functionality for extended periods of time, so it will truly feel as though nothing has happened when you are in fact experiencing a power outage!

Benefits of a Whole-House Generators

  • Continuous Duty Engine
  • Improved A/C Shedding Option and Load Management
  • The OnCue App
  • No Homeowner Maintenance
  • Fuel-Efficient and Eco-friendly

Power for everything you need. When you need it

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