8 Memorial Day Grilling Tips

Grilling hamburgers in your backyard and Memorial Day seem synonomous in our great country. Here are a few tips to ensure you serve up the best burgers in your neighborhood!

1. Begin with best meat.

There are enough types of meat for everyone’s preference. One thing is for sure, if you choose an extra lean cut, your burgers will be extra tough. Usually an 80/20 ratio has just enough fat content to give you a juicy, flavorful hamburger.

2. Don’t over handle the meat.

Sure, everyone likes a hamburger with all those extra goodies cooked into the meat, but be careful not to overwork the meat. Doing so will result in extra tough hamburgers.

3. Wet hands make better patties.

Tired of your meat sticking to your hands while you form the patties? Try rinsing your hands under the faucet before shaping the burgers.

4. Indent the center of you burger patties.

Once those patties are form into perfect shape, take your thumb and indent the center of each burger about ¼ of an inch. This will keep them from rounding up when your hamburgers condense as they are grilled (and causing that frustrating moment when all your condiments to slide off!).

5. Start with a clean cooking grate & hot grill.

Light up that charcoal early and allow it get hot! Once it’s hot, clean the grate with a hard-bristled brush and rub with a paper towel soaked in oil to keep your hamburger patties from sticking.

6. Flip burgers once and only once.

Turning the meat too often will toughen and dry out your hamburgers, and if you flip too soon, burgers will stick. Cook 2 minutes per side for rare, 3 for medium-rare, 4 for medium, and 5 for well-done.

7. DO NOT press burgers while cooking.

Hopefully you know this already. When you press the burgers with your spatula and make those sweet, sizzling sounds, you are actually pressing all of the flavor out of your scrumptious meat.

8. Remove from grill and accessorize with your favorite toppings.

Now comes the fun part! If you prefer a timeless cheeseburger, find the closest slice of cheddar cheese, a tomato, a slab of onion, and enjoy the tasty American summertime classic. Or you can be adventurous and try a different combination.

9. Most of all, Enjoy your holiday and be safe!

The most important tip we can offer is to have fun next Monday! Spend time with your family, get started on that outdoor project, or simply get caught up on some rest and relaxation. Don’t forget to turn of the work email – it can wait until Tuesday!

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