Why You Should Consider A Diesel Whole House Generator For Your Home!

Below we’ll be going over some of the many benefits associated with a diesel whole house generator! Diesel generators have been widely used for all sorts of different applications throughout countless commercial industries, and this is because diesel generators are well-known to be durable and powerful enough to be utilized for many different tasks and […]

How Much Will You Really Pay In Terms Of Whole House Generator Cost?

Whole house generator cost is a lot more complicated than most homeowners would assume! There are plenty of homeowners out there that have been considering a whole house generator investment, but haven’t pulled the trigger just yet due to costs. But do you really know the details of whole house generator cost? The Garber Electric […]

5 Features You Should Look For In The Best Standby Generator For Your Home

If you’re ready to purchase a new generator for your home, then consider the following features to know that it truly is the best standby generator for you! Having a high-quality standby generator is necessary no matter where you live, and extreme weather events are becoming all too common throughout Central Ohio for the local […]

Benefits Of A Kohler Whole House Generator

Below we’ll be going over the many different advantages associated with utilizing a Kohler whole house generator as your home’s backup power source It’s unfortunate that major power outages are becoming more common than in previous years due to major weather events and other concerning factors, and the worst part about extended power outages is […]

Your Guide To Buying A Whole House Backup Generator

How to make sure that you pick the perfect whole house backup generator for your residential property in Central Ohio We all know how there are limitless ways that your home’s power can go out, and that your residential electricity is now more of a necessity than a luxury. Many inconveniences and financial losses can […]

What You Need To Know About Our Generator System Alarm Indication And Remote Annunciation Systems

Here’s our comprehensive overview oriented around remote annunciation and generator system alarm indication Generator systems are incredibly useful throughout a whole variety of different industries and applications, and this is simply because countless homes and businesses need standby backup power in the case of an emergency or prolonged outage. There are also many scenarios in […]

3 Factors To Keep In Mind Prior To Installing A Whole House Generator

The Garber Electric specialists are here to help you with some important considerations when installing a whole house generator. There are countless weather events like hurricanes, ice storms, flooding, electrical storms and so much more that can inflict some serious damage on a community’s electrical grid; and many times these weather events will lead to […]

Pros And Cons Of A Diesel Whole House Generator

There are many benefits of purchasing a diesel whole house generator, so here are the many considerations you should keep in mind with this investment! Diesel whole house generators are undoubtedly some of the most versatile generators on the market, and diesel generators are also utilized for many commercial properties throughout countless industries. But what’s […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing A Whole House Generator

Installing a whole house generator has many benefits, and Garber Electric is your cost-effective generator provider! If you’re building a new construction home or simply making upgrades to your current residence, then you should always consider installing a whole house generator. Whole-house generators are many times very appealing to homeowners for a whole variety of […]