Benefits Of A Kohler Whole House Generator

Below we’ll be going over the many different advantages associated with utilizing a Kohler whole house generator as your home’s backup power source

Kohler whole house generator in a home's backyard

It’s unfortunate that major power outages are becoming more common than in previous years due to major weather events and other concerning factors, and the worst part about extended power outages is being stuck in your home without any electrical power.

Portable generators will be able to power your essentials, but they’re fuel guzzlers that will only be a temporary solution for you during these situations. It’s important to understand that there are so many important considerations to keep in mind beyond your overall comfort during a power outage, including things like your food/water supply and sump pump.

Just about everything within your home will require an electrical power source, which is exactly why you should utilize a Kohler whole house generator from the Garber Electric specialists to be your reliable backup power source.

How A Kohler Whole House Generator Can Help You

Having a Kohler whole house generator is like implementing some added insurance into your residential property, because you’re ultimately better off having a whole house generator than not due to not being able to know when it’ll be absolutely necessary!

How well you can tolerate power outages will be a major factor in determining whether these investments are right for you, and knowing the overall frequency/length of outages in your local area will always be vital information. Your overall financial budget and personal lifestyle will also be major factors in helping you make these home improvement decisions.

You should always consider a whole house backup generator when you need to power medical equipment, when you live in an area with frequent extended outages, and when you work at home. The following are some more ways in which a whole house generator can benefit you and your household:

Whole House Generators Allow You To Live Comfortably During Outages

A Kohler whole house generator is much more powerful than traditional standby generators, which means that you’ll be capable of powering so much more than just a few appliances during power outages. You’ll quite literally be able to have power throughout your entire property and live comfortably during extended outages.

This includes enjoying heating and air conditioning, watching TV, taking a shower, not worrying about your excess food supply spoiling, and better ensuring that no basement flooding will occur.

They’re Incredibly Helpful During Major Storms

There are many regions throughout the United States that are magnets for all sorts of natural disasters, including the Central Ohio area. Of course no one wants a serious weather event to occur in their neighborhood, but it’s important to be prepared.

Having a powerful backup generator will ensure that your property will have an adequate amount of electricity until help arrives and your power is turned back on.

Whole House Generators Are Useful In Rural Areas

Whole house generators are also very beneficial for emergency farm usage. Your farming could potentially come to a standstill when major storms and other weather events occur in your rural/suburban area.

Having a powerful backup power source will help both gardeners and farmers alike, because you’ll maintain all the electricity that you’ll need to keep your property’s operations moving.

Your Home Deserves A Reliable Generator, So Reach Out To The Garber Electric Team To Learn More About How A Kohler Whole House Generator Can Benefit Your Property!

No one should have to deal with extended power outages these days, but they of course still happen all the time. This is exactly why it’s important for you and your household to be prepared.

Our team is ready to help you better understand how a Kohler whole house generator will be beneficial for your unique needs. We 100% guarantee that we’ll test our home generators meticulously for quality control, and that each of our generators will utilize a commercial-grade engine that can withstand heavy usage for many years to come. All of our whole house generators are also covered through an extended warranty.

Reach out to us online or call us at 937-771-5202 (Dayton office) or 614-212-7900 (Columbus office) to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support you through our state-of-the-art whole house generators!

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