5 Features You Should Look For In The Best Standby Generator For Your Home

If you’re ready to purchase a new generator for your home, then consider the following features to know that it truly is the best standby generator for you!

a whole-house generator is the best standby generator for your home

Having a high-quality standby generator is necessary no matter where you live, and extreme weather events are becoming all too common throughout Central Ohio for the local region’s homeowners to solely rely upon their municipal power connection.

Power outages can happen at any given time and be caused by all sorts of different reasons, but having the best standby generator for your home will ensure that your property is secure and that your family is comfortable during extended outages.

Whole-house generators are always a major home improvement investment, so it’s always crucial to ensure that you’re choosing the correct unit that matches your household’s unique needs. The good news is that the Garber Electric team is here to support you through every step of these complex shopping processes, and below we’ll be detailing five features that you should be on the lookout for while finding the best standby generator for your property!

5 Features That Are In The Best Standby Generator For Your Property

The following are five features that you should keep a lookout for when you’re shopping for your home’s next standby generator:

1. Automatic Shutoff

You should never underestimate the overall importance of this specific safety feature when it comes to whole-house generators, because your automatic shutoff feature will ensure that your unit will turn off when it’s beginning to overheat.

What’s also great about an automatic shutoff feature is that your generator will automatically turn itself on when a power outage begins, so you won’t need to worry about manually turning on your generator when it’s inconvenient.

2. Type Of Enclosure

Standby generators typically need to be comprised of a very study material because it will sit outside your home and need to withstand years of environmental damage and harsh weather. That’s why you should take a close look at the type of enclosure that your new standby generator will entail, and your best bet is always to shop with brands that provide corrosion-resistant composite material or steel enclosures.

3. Warranty And Delivery

Another important aspect of finding the best standby generator for your property is to look over the fine print oriented around the generator’s warranty. Most standby generator manufacturers will provide a 4-5 year warranty, but you should simply ensure that you’re happy with the overall coverage prior to making your final purchasing decision.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the delivery, because standby generators are always really heavy, large units. The good news is that the Garber Electric team only works with the very best standby generator manufacturers like Kohler, and we’ll be the ones helping you out with your generator’s delivery and installation process!

4. Generator Capacity

Generator capacity is possibly the most important factor to keep in mind while you’re shopping for a whole-house generator. The first thing you’ll need to do is get a thorough understanding of what your property’s total power needs actually are, which we’ll help you calculate. Then your decision will be whether or not you want a backup power source that will provide enough energy to cover all your needs. Sometimes people prefer getting a generator with a smaller capacity that will only keep their essentials powered on during outages, whereas others want full functionality.

Whole-house generators have a capacity range from around 10-20kW with larger units available, and our team will be there to let you know what your home’s capacity requirements are and what generator capacity is best for your unique needs.

5. Generator Fuel Source

Most larger whole-house generators will run on either natural gas or propane.

There are many instances in which a property doesn’t have an available natural gas line to connect to, and in these situations we’ll be more than happy to help you with a propane tank delivery and installation.

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