Voice-Over-IP Phone Solutions

voip diagramWith the power of VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), your main and remote offices, and even remote workers, can communicate like they’re under one roof. In an IP network, a Dallas office can simply transfer or make intercom calls to an office in Japan. VoIP exchanges both your voice and data traffic between locations using IP addressing, enabling separate offices to stay connected and communicate more effectively.

Because IP networking dynamically allocates available network resources based on user demand, it not only cuts connectivity costs, but also utilizes bandwidth more efficiently. Plus, since IP networking connects decentralized offices in one network, businesses can also reduce charges for long-distance calls!

Conventional IP networking connects office locations to communicate with extension dialing and intercom calling. With conventional IP networking, systems at each office location operate individually with their own features, applications and administration.

VoIP User Manual

  • User manuals for all Iwatsu (ICON Voice Networks) products are available here.
  • User manuals for all AltiGen products are available here.

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